Sarah Palin: Global Warming Doubter

The newly-chosen GOP vice-presidential candidate doesn’t really believe in global warming, unlike her would-be boss John McCain,  according to a brief interview with far-right Newsmax:

What is your take on global warming and how is it affecting our country?

A changing environment will affect Alaska more than any other
state, because of our location. I’m not one though who would attribute
it to being man-made.

This is a familiar right-wing argument, often heard from the likes of Dick Cheney, but complicated by the fact that Palin all but admits that the consequences of climate change could be serious, yet appears completely uninterested in the issue. This fits with her decision to sue the Department of the Interior over their long-delayed decision to list the polar bear as an endangered species.

Yesterday I said McCain would have to swing for the fences after the Democratic convention. He obviously has done that, and maybe connected — at least with the GOP base. Too soon to say much more, I think.

Meanwhile back on earth, Palin’s claim that the polar bear is doing just fine and that climate models that predict a dramatic loss of sea ice are "unreliable" took another big hit this week, when researchers said that northern hemisphere sea ice coverage had reached a low exceeded only last year.

Personally, the trend looks pretty clear to me…don’t need a modeler to see where the ice is going.

[image from the The Cryosphere Today, via the Polar Research Group at U. of Illinois]


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14 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: Global Warming Doubter

  1. So.. she doesn’t believe in global warming, and she’s second in line for the presidency if McCain wins.

    Apocalypse, now.


  2. Thought I’d play devil’s advocate here…
    The graph you posted:
    How many million square miles of ice are there total in the northern hemishere?
    The other other numbers of statistical significance are left out.(i.e. median & mode)
    Where records kept on this information before 1978?
    The oscillating line in the graph seems like an odd way to present the data(because of ice coverage difference during summer and winter), is there a graph that shows this information with 2 lines? (one for peak high winter average, another for peak low summer average?)
    If the point is to communicate man made global warming, and heavy pollution has been added since the industrial revolution, why does the downward trend appear to start until around 1999 to 2003?


  3. Re: the graph…plenty of data can be found showing declining sea ice, with a major jump in recent years…you may have seen that the North Pole is now an island, for the first time in I think 125 years.


  4. While I believe in anthropogenic climate change, I thinks its good to question the causes and science behind it. Why? Well, when I was in graduate school (chemical engineering) in the 1980s, the professors in the atmospheric sciences department next door said there wouldn’t be a ski area left in our state (Washington) by the year 2000. Well, with the exception of 2005, (a year very similar to the low snow year of 1977), skiing in Washington in the last decade can be best described as “epic”. Also the models do not explain why there was a huge decrease in glacial coverage in Washington in the 1910s-1920s. Clearly climate modelers still have a way to go…


  5. I remember the bad weather in the 1960’s on the Texas Panhandle, hurricane Carla, etc. in the saddle between solar cycles 19 and 20. In fact, as a ham operator since the age I was able to get a license, I’ve noticed a strong correlation between solar cycles and weather/climate patterns. Anyone notice that we’re now running 48 days with no sunspots? When they compile September 08 soon, the International Sunspot Number may be zero! For my part, the weather I’m seeing outdoors is global cooling, not global warming, and I think it’s all being caused by the sun, not by man.


  6. I just don’t see global warming as a possibility that can be ignored. Even if you don’t believe in the statistics, is this really something you want to gamble? It’s just not worth it to me to ruin the lives of future generations. I am willing to change, even if my effort turns out to be useless in the end.


  7. has anyone given that woman a Rorschach test? ever? her vagina works obviously, but how does that qualify her for VP?


  8. the GOP wants a slutty puppet retard. i don’t. now that she spent a weekend in sedona, she thinks she can all of a sudden speak complete sentences. she should be back in her igloo with her cervix set to ‘auto-dilate’.


  9. She may be an ignorant bitch, however she has a point with global warming NOT being man made. The earths climate has been in this climbing-falling cycle for hundreds of years.


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