McCain Wants To Postpone Debate: Quips Fly

John McCain announced today he was suspending his campaign and wants to postpone the Presidential debate scheduled for this Friday until next weekend, which would mean putting off the Vice-Presidential debate until who-knows-when. 

This incited a veritable rainstorm of quips, which are still coming in:

Barney Frank: "It’s the longest hail Mary pass in the history of either football or Marys."

David Letterman (whose interview tonight with McCain was postponed as well): "This doesn’t smell right. This isn’t the way a tested hero behaves. I think someone’s putting something in his Metamucil… He can’t run the campaign because the economy is cratering? Fine, put in your second string quarterback, Sara Palin. Where is she? What are you going to do if you’re elected and things get tough? Suspend being president? We’ve got a guy like that now!"   

Anonymous Democratic Strategist: "If you were wondering how bad McCain’s pollster was telling him things are, there’s your confirmation."

Commentator sj at Rod Dreher: "This is Tonya stopping to tie her shoelace."

Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

2 thoughts on “McCain Wants To Postpone Debate: Quips Fly

  1. On this heady day, I thank you for posting these hilarious comments.
    I could hardly catch my breath from laughing so hard.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.
    THANK you!


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