Sarah Palin’s to Run on “Drill Baby Drill” Platform

As predicted in this space a week or so ago, Sarah Palin is running for president on a pro-oil and gas development platform.

In the the next few months and years, assuming she doesn't flip out and self-destruct, she's going to become Ms. Drill Baby Drill.

Inevitably, she will ignore or mock global warming. She has no choice. Her whole career is predicated on business as usual, pollution as usual, fossil fuels now and forever, more and more, and devil take the hindmost. As she (or, more likely, her flack) wrote in the Washington Post today:

Many states have abundant coal, whose technology is continuously making
it into a cleaner energy source. Westerners literally sit on mountains
of oil and gas, and every state can consider the possibility of nuclear

Wow. Forget about the strangely fractured sentence construction. Just notice the pro-coal, pro-oil and gas, pro-nuke stance. She might as well call for more for more global warming right now, instead of simply pretending the problem doesn't exist, as she does by not mentioning it once in the op-ed.

Grist's editor Russ Walker put together an answer to Palin on Grist, but to yours truly, what stands out is not Palin's misleading claims. (What else is new with her?)

What stands out is her self-centered assumption that support for fossil fuel production and consumption will make her popular, as if global warming simply isn't happening.

After all, what could matter more than this?


Update: Think Progress points out that a few months ago, Palin supported cap and trade.

Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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