As If Rejoicing in Strength

I'm headed back to the mountains (this time to the Southern Sierra). Feels appropriate to post some pics from our last trip, this one (courtesy of my friend Cary Odes) from atop Cloud's Rest in Yosemite National Park, looking southeast towards Mt. Clark and the Triple Peak fork. We had company…

IMG_3799 trim 

In the words of John Muir (from his unpublished journals)

A butterfly flew eight or ten times around the summit of the [Joaquin] Mountain on vigorous wing, as if rejoicing in strength. When it alighted on the warm granite near the glacier, it opened and shut its wings as if in a lowland flower garden.

5 thoughts on “As If Rejoicing in Strength

  1. Hey Rob…eastern approach, from Horseshoe Meadows. Turns out to be amazingly easy! More on that soon…

    Steve…the humorous Cary Odes indeed. Speaking of which, I have to post a line from him that made me laugh, even at my own expense…I dove into a typically frigid Sierra lake, and then turned to encourage Cary to join me, saying “It’s not that cold!”

    “You’re not that smart,” he shot back…


  2. Cary has an old friend named Joe Wildman (formerly Hoffman) who I’ve also known for a long time. I met Cary once when he came to Oakland to visit Joe about 20 years ago. Is small world.


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