Battle of the Climate Headlines: Wa-Po vs. WSJ

From the Washington Post, yesterday:

New Analysis Brings Dire Forecast Of 6.3-Degree Temperature Increase

Climate researchers now predict the planet will warm by 6.3 degrees
Fahrenheit by the end of the century even if the world's leaders
fulfill their most ambitious climate pledges, a much faster and broader
scale of change than forecast just two years ago, according to a report released Thursday by the United Nations Environment Program.

From the Wall Street Journal, today:

Leaders Drop Climate Deadlines

Prospects for securing a global agreement this year to attack climate
change dimmed Friday, as the Group of 20 largest economies asked their
finance ministers for a "range of possible options" to finance
deployment of technology to curb greenhouse gases, but dropped demands
that a final proposal be drafted before the world climate summit in
Copenhagen in December.

Regardless of the climactic trends, the political trend is all too obvious.

Doesn't put our species in a good light, to  do nothing as the world melts.

Guess that's obvious — sorry.

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