Antichrist: Don’t blame me for Fed gov actions

In an exclusive interview with the Ojai Post, the Antichrist spoke out against militia groups and "other bad actors" who are arming themselves against his reappearance on earth and said he had nothing to do with the Federal government.

"Don't blame me if the FBI is on your case, because you're a acting like an idiot," said Satan's chief agent on earth,, in a reference to the Hutaree militia group in Michigan.

Nine members of the group, which claims to be preparing for war against the Antichrist, were arrested by the FBI on Saturday.

"These people are a joke," said the Antichrist, speaking on the phone from an undisclosed location. "Running around in the woods with rifles. What do they think I'm going to come back as? A deer?"

"I may be evil, but I'm not stupid," he added.

No photographs of the AntiChrist are known to exist, although he is mentioned in the Bible, and has often been painted, by artists such as Signorelli.

Antichrist In his Biblical appearances, the AntiChrist can appear to be peaceful and wise, and even mislead the well-known religious leader Jesus Christ, while at the same plotting to bring about chaos and disaster to the world.

Speaking over the sound of a television tuned to SportsCenter, the Antichrist went on to say that due to recent advances in body art, he has a "much cooler" Mark of the Beast than he did in his Biblical days.

He claimed that when he does make public appearances, he may not be recognized, even by his fans and enemies, which he said include militia groups, horror movie makers, religious leaders, and rock bands.

"These people think I'm some kind of cliche," he said. "Jesus H. Christ! At least He respects me."

In other news, Michigan Savings and Loan announced plans to foreclose on the home of David Brian Stone, the leader of the Hutaree militia group. The bank said the jailed militia group leader had failed to make payments on a loan of $379,000.


Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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