Oh boy (I read the news today — the oil news)

If a hurricane comes, it will only the oily mess in the Gulf of Mexico worse:

"If you get a storm which is coming toward the coast you can get a
significant storm surge," {William] Drennan told [Brian Beutler] in an interview Thursday
afternoon. "If you get a storm surge, then the top meter of the water is
going to go…certainly hundreds of feet possibly miles inland."

That, he said, could propel oil "deep into the marshland," where the
ecological impact could be worse than if the oil remained on the
surface or slightly below.

"The ideal situation would be to keep it away from land," Drennan
says. "If it could be kept away from lands, the wet lands tend to be
very good hatcheries of everything from fish to birds…. Once you go
the oil deep into the wetlands it'll take a long time before it gets
flushed back."

Similarly, Drennan said, a big storm will cause mixing in the ocean,
drawing oil from the water column below back up to the surface, where it
can again be flushed ashore.

All of this is to say nothing of the impact on the ongoing efforts to
cap the gushing well. Not only would work crews have to be brought in
to port to wait out the storm, but the storm could damage the rigs being
used to drill the two relief wells.

Drennan is a hurricane expert at the University of Miami. TPM.

xkcd is a cartoonist who specializes in worst-case scenarios, and finding the funny in all this:

H/T: Ashley Braun

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