The science of attraction: which size do men prefer?

In response to complaints from fans that this site is too doomy, an effort is being made to look for insights offered into subjects less dire than climate change. (And, to be fair, climate change will not be all bad for everyone; after all, it might tend to cool L.A.)

But nevermind. Here's a story nobody can claim is too serious — not even the scribes who wrote it, for an Aussie paper:

FELLAS, read no further. In the area of new information, this
story is slim.

There has been a survey and it tells you what you already know:
when it comes to women, the vast majority of blokes prefer them
well rounded.

To translate, guys who read men's magazines tend to like the bust. By big numbers: only 20% of 60,000 readers of a men's magazine liked a size-eight girl over a girl size twelve or fourteen.

Um…this is news?

But a quote from the inevitable academic was eye-opening:

"We find
women want to be thinner than what men find attractive," [professor Marika Tiggemann] said.
"Men's idea of what is 'thin' is larger than that of women.
Unfortunately, a lot of people think being thin demonstrates being
in control or being disciplined, while being fat is a sign you're

Well, that's one way to look at it. Another is for the paper to include a picture of women in their underwear.

All for the sake of science, of course.


h/p: Nancy Rommelmann

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2 thoughts on “The science of attraction: which size do men prefer?

  1. Thanks, my normal depression about us all being doomed has been temporarily allayed. Just for the record, I think all three of the women are attractive. As a normal sex obsessed guy, I think that you come to appreciate the body type of a woman that you are involved with. Everything else is speculation.

    Just to be fair put up some men in underwear also. I may be sex obsessed, but I’m not sexist.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. I think your point about men in underwear is well taken. Sex is not just about women; nor even about men’s attraction to women. Will keep an eye out for posts from the other side of the gender fence, so to speak.


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