Congress won’t extend unemployment benefits: LA Times

Veteran reporter Don Lee of the LA Times already knows that Congress won't extend unemployment benefits for the long-term out of work, even before the debate is joined: 

Economists also worry that consumer spending may weaken. Confidence remains low, and unemployment benefits, which have helped prop up spending, probably won't be extended by lawmakers, given the new political sensitivity to big government deficits. Hundreds of thousands of jobless workers will see their benefits expire this month.

Will the GOP really kill benefits for the jobless in the midst of the worst recession in decades? 

Toles seems to think so

Expect to hear lots of "Scrooge" references from the media for the new Congress. 

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I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

One thought on “Congress won’t extend unemployment benefits: LA Times

  1. The male aged 25 to 54 year old employment ratio is 81.3% in september 2009, the second lowest reading on record (starting 1948).

    This means 100 – 81.3 = 18.7% jobless rate.

    Of all the five years age range, the best situation is for males aged 35 to 39 where the employment ratio is 84.3, so 15.7% jobless rate.

    15.7% is currently the *smallest* jobless rate of all 5-years segment of the USA population.


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