Rachel Carson on how to introduce children to nature

At a lecture attended recently by a thousand or so people at UC Santa Barbara, the great E.O. Wilson was asked an open-ended question about introducing children to nature.

Wilson took it as a "how to" question.

RachelCarsonFWS He mentioned that he was "one of two living persons who worked with Rachel Carson," and made a joke about about it being one of the few advantages of his decrepitude. 

Unfortunately, he had a frog in his throat, and although I recorded the talk, I can't make out the exact words. But he did go on to describe briefly what Rachel Carson thought was the way to introduce kids to nature, which deserves its own prominence: 

[This picture, from an interesting Conservation Heroes site, discusses Carson's years with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and identifies the older figure, evidently, as Rachel Louise Carson.]

This is what Carson said: 

Take a child to the seashore. Point out a few tidepools. Give them a bucket. Tell them to go see what they can find, and let them come to you with what they find. And then you tell them all about what they’ve discovered…

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