Please Hear This: African song of the year

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to interview Lesley Clark, the artist and philanthropist known for her great work with nomadic tribes such as the Wodaabe and the Tuareg. 

She's having her annual "North African market" sale this Saturday at her gallery, with a presentation with the doctor who oversees the medical clinic she founded, a film, and other attractions, I am going myself; these tribespeople make some elegant things, and live, it seems, lives of a great stark beauty. 

This area of Niger, in central Saharan Africa, thousands of miles from the Horn of Africa, where a famine is gathering, but it suffered a famine of its own just five years ago, Clark said, and has been plagued by internal conflicts, along with threats of terrorism, uranium mining, and conflicts with nearby states. Ironically, as a result of the need young men feel to defend themselves, and take up arms if necessary, music has become a means of communication, and its led to a profusion of new bands. 

Anyhow! This is the best song you will hear from Arica this year. Okay? 

02 Amidinine 1

This is the band Tidawt, a Taureg group of three nomads, who really do live come from the Sahara, I understand, but since l994 have played concerts at Paris and around the world, including stints with Mickey Hart, and have toured with the Rolling Stones. 


If I'm wrong about the awesomeness of this song you must tell me, because your song will be utterly jaw-dropping, and I will want to hear it. 

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3 thoughts on “Please Hear This: African song of the year

  1. Well, I gotta give it up to anyone who can understand those lyrics. Wish I could. I did read in a blurb that the name of the band means Together in the Tuareg language.


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