To see the Prez, it helps to be a whale

In Las Vegas, to be a "whale" — a high roller — you have to be ready to live large, even if it costs $500,000 an hour.

It's a little like what you have to do if you want to get into the White House and see the President. Big bucks, as this graphic shows. Perhaps coincidentally, it's known as the "Blue Whale": Bluewhale

Other representations of related data, with other spirit animal names, are posted on a fascinating and apparently new site devoted to representing numerical facts in graphic form, a tumblr (of all things) called ChartsnThings

The proprietor, New York Times graphics editor named Kevin Quealy, discusses how he "cleans up" the data by putting it through programs. Correlation comes in various forms: Working in R is necessary but "unsexy," he says, for example.  He briefly explains how to explicate datasets with various tools. 

Could this be the fastest possible delivery of fact to mind? 

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