Tweets: bird poems, by the season, from Marie Harris

These days when we hear the word "tweets" we may not think of birds. But Marie Harris, former poet laureate for New Hampshire, reminds us of the real thing with a quartet of lovely but tough poems about birds and their lives. I'll cite just the first, and encourage readers to search out the rest:


Everything's fledging
Woodpeckers, robins … the lot
Empty nests everywhere 

Via Poetry Daily.

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I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

2 thoughts on “Tweets: bird poems, by the season, from Marie Harris

  1. Is it this one?


    If ever I see,
    On bush or tree,
    Young birds in a pretty nest,
    I must not, in my play,
    Steal the birds away,
    To grieve their mother’s breast.

    My mother I know,
    Would sorrow so,
    Should I be stolen away–
    So I’ll speak to the birds,
    In my softest words,
    Nor hurt them in my play.

    Sarah Josepha Hale (internetedly), from (ironically) a site called Black Cat Poems.

    Funny thing is, I doubt that most kids today would even realize they could pretty easily find bird nests in a tree, and steal young birds away.


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