The Disruptors: The plastic invasion of your body

Think this is the most complex story I've ever tried to report, and one of the biggest. Hope to stay on it. From the VC Reporter:

A revolutionary change overtook America beginning in the l960s, and it’s one that had nothing to do with the usual suspects — long hair, war, sex or rock and roll.

It was an environmental change, but American pop culture noticed it long before mainstream science and medicine awoke to its consequences.

A movie put it to us as succinctly as possible. In The Graduate, a naive, confused college grad, representing his generation, was given advice from a businessman named McGuire.

“Ben, come with me for a minute,” McGuire said, taking Ben (played by Dustin Hoffman) aside at his homecoming party. “I just want to say one word to you – just one word.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Are you listening?”

“Yes, sir.”


The scene always gets a big laugh, but 45 years later, environmental scientists, doctors and researchers who specialize in diseases of the hormonal system are not so amused. They know that the amount of plastic in our lives has exploded, and in countless peer-reviewed studies over the last 15 years, they have linked the result to alarming changes they see in our bodies, our lives and our environment.

Please see the rest of the story here

One thought on “The Disruptors: The plastic invasion of your body

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