Big Oil backs Romney campaign: USA Today

USA Today runs the SuperPac numbers: 


Mitt Romney's
campaign and a super PAC backing him have received more than $15
million from oil, coal and other energy interests, many of which would
benefit from the energy plan Romney unveiled Thursday.

At least 35 people who "bundle" donations for the
Romney campaign are from the same industries, a USA TODAY analysis
shows. The amount of money they raised for the campaign is unknown,
because the Romney campaign does not release its bundlers or the amounts
they raised. President Obama and the past two Republican presidential candidates released data on their major bundlers.

In one week this month, Romney raised about $10 million from energy interests in fundraisers in Houston and Little Rock. Wow.

Meanwhile NPR looked at the campaigns in the MidWest, and saw Romney and the coal industry, working as one, and, of course, rigorously avoiding any mention of coal and climate:

MITT ROMNEY: We have 250 years of coal. Why in the heck wouldn't we use it?

HORSLEY: Romney was speaking at a Beallsville, Ohio, coal mine owned by Murray Energy, a company with a history of flouting government regulations. A Murray subsidiary was fined half-a-million dollars after the deadly, 2007 collapse of a Utah mine that killed nine people.CEO Bob Murray blames regulatory moves by the Obama administration, for the closure of an Ohio mine this year – a criticism that Romney picked up yesterday.

Toles finds the emotion in the picture. 

Wish we could be that happy with this news. 

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2 thoughts on “Big Oil backs Romney campaign: USA Today

  1. And in return, Romney promises to put big oil in charge of energy policy at the USofA, according to Politico:

    “Energy secretary: In addition to the buzz about being chief of staff, [Jack] Gerard [of the American Petroleum Institute] would be looked at for this. Others include oil billionaire Harold Hamm, a top Romney energy campaign adviser, and several veterans of the George W. Bush administration, including former White House environmental adviser James Connaughton.

    Others include Linda Stuntz, a Romney campaign surrogate who was a former deputy Energy secretary under George H.W. Bush, and Rep. Joe Barton (R-Tex.), who formerly chaired the Energy and Commerce Committee and shepherded major energy legislation to passage.”


  2. MITT ROMNEY: We have 250 years of coal. Why in the heck wouldn’t we use it?

    Just because you have a full barrel of beer doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to finish it. Or that it’s even possible to.


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