The post-modern candidate who is about nothing: Romney

Mitt Romney's latest "secret video" debacle has been unexpectedly depressing for me. Think conservative Jonah Goldberg (of all people!) put his finger on the reason why here:

Romney’s remarks reinforce the overriding problem with his campaign:
It is bloodlessly non-ideological. And that is by design. Stewart
Stevens, Romney’s top strategist has made it abundantly clear he doesn’t
much care about ideas or philosophy. That showed in his convention
strategy and in Romney’s speech, which he apparently wrote. Responding
to complaints about his stewardship, Stevens told Politico:
“Politics is like sports. A lot of people have ideas, and there’s no
right or wrong. You just have to chart a course, and stay on that
course.” Not only is that not true of politics, as best I can tell it’s
not even true of sports either. 

Even the campaign’s ostensibly ideological ads and soundbites seem
offered not as statements of conviction but as carefully — and sometimes
not so carefully — crafted slogans aimed at telling the silly
swing-voters what they most want to hear. I’m not naive; focus groups
and poll data are part of politics, like it or not. But when conviction
politicians use such tools it’s often as a way to make what they believe
more salable. With the Romney campaign, all too often it seems like
they’ve got it reversed. They’re trying to sell the voters on the idea
that Romney believes something.

That's what's really depressing. It's not that Romney is wrong (unsurprisingly). It's that he's completely cynical even in his wrongheadedness. He believes in nothing, except maybe not paying taxes. '

Where did we get this guy? Libertarian Dave Weigel shakes his head, tweets:

At this point I'm amazed that the Salt Lake City Olympics went off without constant fires and explosions.            


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