The Sessions’ source material: “On seeing a sex surrogate”

The trailer for The Sessions could hardly be more charming. This looks to be in the vein of that classic kind of ironic indy flick — a painful story told in a funny way, like Election or Heathers or Little Miss Sunshine.

Wonderfully, the source material for this lauded movie — a riveting memoir/essay piece by a Bay Area writer, the late Mark O'Brien — is readily available on the Web. O'Brien has a riveting story to tell, and tells it gracefully. 

O'Brien describes, for example, how he felt coming back home after his first sexual encounter. 

Dixie pushed me back to my apartment, through the quiet neighborhood of small, old houses and big, old trees. It was a warm day, which I hadn’t noticed on the way over. I asked Dixie about her first sexual experience. When she described it, I felt admitted to something from which I had always felt excluded: the world of adults.

Back home, Dixie put me into the iron lung and set up my computer so that I could write. Pounding the keys with my mouthstick, I wrote in my journal as quickly as I could about my experience, then switched off the computer and tried to nap. But I couldn’t. I was too happy. For the first time, I felt glad to be a man.

In the role of the sex surrogate, actress Helen Hunt went unabashedly nude, and explained why: 

HelenHunt_TheSessions (1)"Anything less than the amount of nudity that's in the film would be antithetical to the spirit of the movie," Hunt said. "For me, the movie is about having a body and everybody's God-given right to get off." 


h/t: 24 Frames

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