Brower: Wilderness a place to rescue yourself

"For [David] Brower [who led the Sierra Club] wilderness was the place "where man could be alone, where you could rescue your self from what Ortega calls the other — all the extraneities that pile on you too deep." 

From Nature's Altars, p216

PctsocalThis is my way of saying I'm going to hit the Pacific Crest Trail, for just a few days, just enough to get my feet dusty.

Have left a few posts for your entertainment…after all, here in SoCal, there are some unique aspects to the PCT. Here's a sign near Campo, where the trail starts, not far from the border. 

Actually good to see some signs of caring. What for some of us is a chance to question our reality — because quest is after all at the heart of question — is for others a chance at a new life. 

I can't help but sympathize with those will to roll those dice. 

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I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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