19 firefighters in Arizona killed in wildfire/heat wave

Global warming casulties

Story at the top of the front page of the New York Times doesn't mention the heat wave, which drovetemperatures to 120 degrees in Phoenix, nor any possible link to global warming, but does note that since 1955, a total of 21 firefighters have died battling fires in Arizona. Which means this was the worst day in history of firefighting in the state.

For AZCentral.com:

Rancher John Hays, 85, lives in the heart of Peeple's Valley. He said
the fire is burning the edge of his property line, but as of 9:30 p.m.,
it was burning only brush.

"You can't believe the fierce winds we're having and how dry it is —
I've never seen it so erratic — the fire turns back and forth," Hays
said. "The horror is that people have died trying to put it out. It's
heartbreaking. It's tragic."

Seems to be a journalism tradition not to discuss causes immediately in the aftermath of a tragedy. Perhaps that's respectful. 


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