In 1776, if Paul Revere were warning of climate change…

Scientists can be funny, and physicist Mark Boslough proves it with a column imagining how things might have been back in 1776 if Paul Revere had set out to warn the nation of climate change, instead of the arrival of the British. Boslough writes:  

"On this Independence Day, it is worth reflecting on the willingness of our founding fathers to sacrifice their own comforts for the future–for many generations to come, including ours.

They didn't argue about discount rates, or how expensive it would be, or if fighting the British would be cost effective in the long run. Imagine what would have happened if the "skeptics" had been given equal time, or if the patriots had lacked the will to "mitigate the threat". 

"The weight of evidence suggests that it is 'very likely' (probability greater than 90%) that the British are coming. I am not advocating any specific mitigation or adaptation response." (Paul Revere, if he had been a climate scientist)" 

The nerve! He mocks not just deniers, but the language of climatology too! And there's more


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