Could this climate ad have tipped the VA Gov race?

Tea Party/GOP candidate Ken Cuccinelli, as Attorney General, spent over $600k of state of Virginia funds on what the Washington Post called a "witch hunt" directed against Michael Mann, a highly reputable scientist. Mann's crime? He crunched global temperature numbers into a graph that shows soaring temperatures over the last hundred years that made clear that yes, climate change is happening. It's a graph detested for its effectiveness by climate change skeptics and deniers. 

In the last couple of years, Mann has gone on the offensive against his critics, touring the world behind his book about his pillorying and suing the National Review for calling him a fraud — a suit that has been gaining momentum in court. He also narrated the ad below, which coolly and effectively makes a case against the extremism of Ken Cuccinelli.

Could it have tipped enough moderate voters against Cuccinelli and cost him last night's election against a not-very-popular Democrate? One wonders. Cuccinelli lost by only 50k votes.

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