An inequality graphic that’s not a chart but a cartoon

Take a glance at this depiction of the raging income inequality debate. It's refreshing, because on this subject there have been approximately 573 stories, studies, and graphs, graphs, graphs posted in the past 48 hours or so in the press, and this is about the only one that's been humorous.

It's incredible, the volume of this debate, and its implications, in a thousand realms beyond the purely economic.

We in the Ojai Chautauqua will be debating this issue later this year I expect, so I have been gathering inequality grist for the mill, and boy is there a lot. Endless. 

A Gallup poll found a recent improvement in economic outlook, for example, but still two-thirds of those polled this month said they were dissatisfied with the distribution of income in this country.

So, with your forbearance, let me post some notable inequality facts in graphic form in the next few weeks. I'll keep it succinct, and humorous if remotely possible, as in this example thanks to a friend and to The New Yorker.


Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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