Throwback: the campfire at Pinyon Point

I mentioned in a recent post that I made a fire at Pinyon Point in the fall of 2013. I didn't plan to, I didn't know anything about this campsite, and would never believe after walking through barren dry sand desert with yucca and Joshua trees for ten or twenty miles that I would come up a ridge and into a thick pine woods. 

Nor did I mention that some genius made this fire/stove/kitchen/bedroom. Using two or three boulders and a carefully stacked wall of rocks with square gaps. So that as the fire burned down, warmth passed through to anyone sleeping across the rocks from the coals. Brilliant woodsmanship, by an anonymous genius, perhaps a John Muir, or an Ed Abbey. 

I like to try of who might be like that alive today, and my mind goes to the phenomal Chris Clarke, of KCET and at least one blog

But never mind — let me just thank the anonyous creator, whoever he is, for allowing me to make that one precious fire, and share it, as best I can. 



Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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