People of the PCT: Honeybun [in section I]

On day four of my section hike from Tuolumne Meadows to South Lake Tahoe, I was taking a break and swatting flies in spectacular but hot Jack Main Canyon, about forty miles from town, when a fellow in a straw hat with an enormous staff dashed by, flashing me a smile.

I caught up to him and his friend from New Zealand a couple of miles down the trail. Honeybun (aka Griffin Barry) was on his sixth-third day on the trail and looked it — but also looked to be loving it. I didn’t get a great picture, but maybe you’ll get the idea:



He with his friend Miner, from New Zealand, blog at and I recommend you take a look — one of the better pictures of what it’s like to hike the trail from what I’ve seen.

But I also recommend you take a look at some of the pictures to follow from this part of Section I, miles 986 to 996 or so (Dorothy Lake). The Yosemite Wilderness.  Sets a high bar:

Jack Main Canyon is wet, granitic, and wild:

Jack Main Canyon
Jack Main Canyon

The canyon borders Grace Meadow, and boy is it ever that:

I ran into this fellow, Robert, as I was clomping along, and we chatted a little.


“If this were Alaska, you’d see twenty bears out here,” he said. We agreed that neither of us had seen any sign of bear, not scat, not a bear, not even a paw print in the wet sandy bottoms where, he said, you always saw tracks if they were in the area. Later I asked at the park service about it but they shrugged it off, saying maybe the bruins had just taken up residence somewhere else.

Robert grimaced when I mentioned that I hoped to make it to mile 1000 that day and suggested I take a look at Dorothy Lake, just a couple of miles down the trail.

“There’s nobody there!” he said. “Except some horses.” Sure enough.



Folks, Norman Rockwell himself could not have created a more perfect campsite. About forty feet from the water, under trees, with a fire circle, flat ground to pitch a tent, spectacular views — and the gentle clanking of the bells on the horses across the water. And a beach! I couldn’t leave it if I tried. I did try, to no avail.


And at dawn, a deer!


Not to mention a view or two:


Dorothy Lake. Don’t forget it. One of the great beaches of the Sierra.

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