How do we break the silence on climate?

Sam Wang, a pollster affiliated and professor at Princeton, who has a painful-but-no-doubt-true essay on why in these politically polarized times Donald Trump’s support does not flag no matter how outrageous his conduct in today’s Times also sent out an almost hilarious tweet today on a related subject:


Almost, of course, because despite great progress around the world in getting our arms around climate as a problem, including the Paris accord and impressive commitments to reduce emissions from China and even India, we have a presidential issue in which no one is talking about climate. Not even during the debates.

Andrew Revkin blogged about this at Dot Earth after the failure to ask a single question about climate during any of the debates, He cited research from a pollster affiliated with Yale showing that the failure to ask a single question about climate during the debates echoes the fact that people in this country don’t talk about climate much if at all.












How will we change this pattern? Is it even possible?

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I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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