A New York Times primer on the 17 biggest questions people ask about climate change:

A New York magazine story about climate change and the dangers of extreme heat.


A Vanity Fair article about climate change and the danger of extreme heat.


A Scientific American story about the great California megaflood.


A PBS Newshour primer on climate change and the civil war in Syria.


Daniel Swain’s superb and popular blog on California weather: Weather West.


Top Eight climate change stories in the Washington Post this year:


New Yorker story on why facts on important matters such as climate may not change our minds.


Stories by Andrew Revkin, of ProPublica and the NYTimes, on climate:


And, for a moment of hope, a Mother Jones story on why flying is less damaging for the atmosphere than it once was:

Why Flying Home for the Holidays Might Be Greener Than Driving



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I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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