A Gillum test: a “brilliant” idea

Some of the best — and most amusing — coverage of our very stable genius has come from the often-stunned but ever-indefatigable opinion writer and interviewer Virginia Heffernan, of Slate, and the Los Angeles Times, but most of all of the podcast Trumpcast. Never thought I’d like a political podcast so much, but it’s the free-wheeling and in-depth interviews with notable guests that make this half-hour shine.

Virginia Heffernan, the lead host for the past few months, reacts to the mid-terms, reveling in the Democratic victory in the House, and mourning the losses, especially of “brilliant” Andrew Gillum.

“I especially wanted Gillum [to win], because he had sealed the deal when he pointed out in a debate that his opponent Ron DeSantis had bigoted and avowedly racist figures in his corner.

As Gillum put it, “I’m not saying you’re a racist, I’m saying that racists believe you’re a racist.”

I’ve decided to call this a Gillum test. Instead of opining about who is a bigot or what which new dog whistle means, I’ve decided I’m going to leave it to the Proud Boys, David Duke, the incels, and all the far-right nuts. If they give you so much as a retweet, or a bitcoin, or half a bitcoin, you’ve passed the Gillum Test.”

Amazingly, even after conceding in the governor’s race, the slow-rolling count has brought Andrew Gillum back into the race even after he conceded on election night. Now the governor Rick Scott has filed a lawsuit even before the first count has been finished. Back to the trauma for the Dems — and the world — of Bush v. Gore.


Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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