The Grim Reaper on the Florida beach

Inspired apparently by a 2017 anti-drowning public health campaign in New Zealand, an attorney and comic in Florida has launched a campaign for social distancing on Florida beaches. The particular and phenomenal work of living art above comes from the New Zealand campaign, but the similarly themed Grim Reaper tour is on now in Florida, and has raised over $5k so far for Democratic candidates.

Tbh, I think there is reason to open some beaches and parks, with health requirements, even in the midst of a pandemic, assuming a) a low level of disease in circulation, and b) confidence about that low level, c) public sanity. Plus, there is evidence that the virus is much less communicative outside. People need to be active to be healthy, as Public Health Officer Dr. Levin told me for a story on Covid in Ventura County today for VC Reporter.

“This is a time to control your co-morbidities, to get out there and walk and exercise and bicycle and do stuff and be active. Don’t use this quarantine to catch up on all the TV shows you’ve missed over the years.”

Ventura County Public Health Officer Rob Levin

Though many have criticized the county for this decision, to open Ventura county beaches for walking on a warm and beautiful day strikes me as an act of compassion and generosity. We are fortunate here. Let us share.

Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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