Mine Plans Surprise Ventura County

In the last month, three different companies have announced plans to mine rock and gravel for development purposes near Ventura County. East of the county, Cemex Inc of Arizona announced plans to mine rock on Soledad Canyon Road. As discussed in the Santa Clarita edition of the "Daily News" from last Friday, "the project includesContinue reading “Mine Plans Surprise Ventura County”

Big News: Global Ocean Warming Proven. NASA Scientists call for action now.

If the on-the-ground news of melting ice and permafrost in the Artic wasn’t proof enough, today a team of scientists led by James Hansen at NASA released a study comparing precise measurements of ocean temperatures against projections based on climatological models. The measurements, taken over a period of ten years, showed that the earth isContinue reading “Big News: Global Ocean Warming Proven. NASA Scientists call for action now.”

Look at Mother Nature…and Neil

An Earth Day item that’s too enjoyable to let pass unnoticed…last Friday the US EPA’s administrator for the West, Wayne Nastri, presented thirty-seven individuals and organizations with an Environmental Achievement Awards for their efforts to preserve the environment in 2004. (The award doesn’t have a cute nickname yet.) Among the winners was a man whoContinue reading “Look at Mother Nature…and Neil”

Changing Climates, Changing Minds

Environmental correspondent Judith Lewis points out that over on the right, Reason magazine’s science reporter Ronald Bailey’s "obdurate" see-no-global-warming, hear-no-global-warming, speak-no-global-warming stance is beginning to crack…while on the left, The Guardian‘s science reporter, Robin McKie, opens discussion of a innovative scheme to bury carbon dioxide emissions from English power plants, instead of releasing them intoContinue reading “Changing Climates, Changing Minds”

Happy Birthday, Johnnie

Contemplating the lace-like fabric of streams outspread over the mountains, we are reminded that everything is flowing — going somewhere, animals and so-called lifeless rocks as well as water. Thus the snow flows fast or slow in grand beauty-making glaciers and avalanches; the air in majestic floods carrying minerals, plant leaves, seeds, spores, with streamsContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Johnnie”

Looking for a “Crying Indian”

Interesting Q&A from Mother Jones magazine on a group of documentarians (working on a film called "Melting Planet") wrestling with the question of how to bring the issue of global warming home. No one has yet found a simple but effective image to tell the story  (though plenty are looking). The crucial quote: On aContinue reading “Looking for a “Crying Indian””

Global Warming: The White House Position

Hard-working science reporter Chris Mooney points out that President Bush’s chief science advisor, John Marburger, is talking about climate change and the need to take action. Specifically, in a speech in Boulder, Colorado in February of this year, Marburger said: There simply isn’t any way to do it. You have got to change things veryContinue reading “Global Warming: The White House Position”