Global Warming: The White House Position

Hard-working science reporter Chris Mooney points out that President Bush’s chief science advisor, John Marburger, is talking about climate change and the need to take action. Specifically, in a speech in Boulder, Colorado in February of this year, Marburger said: There simply isn’t any way to do it. You have got to change things veryContinue reading “Global Warming: The White House Position”

LA Times vs. General Motors: Round Two

According to a story from Editor & Publisher, General Motors’ decision to pull corporate advertising from The Los Angeles Times will cost the newspaper ten million dollars a year — or maybe twenty. (That’s the estimate from the Prudential Equity Group.) If this is how General Motors treats outsiders who criticize its policies, one canContinue reading “LA Times vs. General Motors: Round Two”

Duke Energy Proposes “Carbon Tax”

Duke Energy, which produces electricity primarily by burning coal, has proposed a tax on carbon.  "As a major coal-burning utility, some might expect us to duck this issue," said James Rogers,  president and chief executive. "But avoiding the debate over global climate change and failing to understand its consequences are not options for us." InterestingContinue reading “Duke Energy Proposes “Carbon Tax””

Will George Listen?

Thomas Friedman, a moderate columnist for The New York Times, has gone from supporting the Bush administration’s effort in Iraq…to criticizing the Bush administration for a misguided energy policy. Once Friedman was said to be so influential in Washington that even the Bush Administration tracked his columns. But in the last few weeks he’s beenContinue reading “Will George Listen?”

Can Enviros Be Funny? T.C. Boyle Thinks So

In a recent interview in the NRDC magazine  OnEarth noted wit and prolific novelist T.C. Boyle talked about the fundamental problem with environmental writers like Bill McKibben (who wrote the devastatingly convincing The End of Nature).    The End of Nature is the most depressing book in the history of humankind. I can guess whatContinue reading “Can Enviros Be Funny? T.C. Boyle Thinks So”

Global Dimming vs. Global Warming

The world’s atmosphere is warming, but — fortunately — for the past century it’s been warming at a relatively slow rate (in California, on average about one degree Fahrenheit in the last fifty years). But some scientists now suspect that our atmosphere would be warming much faster were it not for particulate matter — soot.Continue reading “Global Dimming vs. Global Warming”

Global Warming A Threat to Fresh-Water Fish

According to a study just published by the National Wildlife Federation,  global warming represents a threat to fresh-water fish in the Northwest. The Southern California Steelhead Trout is believed to be uniquely well-suited to survive warm waters and drought, which is one good reason many scientists are keen to see the variety that once swarmedContinue reading “Global Warming A Threat to Fresh-Water Fish”