People of the PCT: Birdman

Met Birdman a day or maybe two south of Sierra City, in Section L, north of Donner Pass. He’s a true thruhiker: “flip-flopped” the AT last year (meaning he went up and back down). “And I’ll tell you, it’s a lot more dramatic finishing up at Mt. Katahdin than it is in Springer, Georgia!” heContinue reading “People of the PCT: Birdman”

The Revenant: from the bear’s POV

The Revenant, the most spectacularly cinematic contender for Best Picture in years, did not take home that particular Oscar at the Academy Awards presentation this past Sunday,  but it remains a massive world-wide hit, far bigger than “Spotlight,” won three other major awards — best director, best actor, and best cinematographer — and will almostContinue reading “The Revenant: from the bear’s POV”

Scalia passing: Quail react (via Samantha Bee)

Samantha Bee has a new show on the television, called Full Frontal, about which I know nothing, but this post from her on the passing of Antonin Scalia from the perspective of quail in Texas is pretty hilarious. One example, from a bird labeled simply “Quail.” Quail “As a quail, I’m a firm believer inContinue reading “Scalia passing: Quail react (via Samantha Bee)”

Bound for Glory: Haskell Wexler

Haskell Wexler died yesterday, cinematographer for countless great movies, including the under-appreciated Bound for Glory, not to mention other lefty faves including One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, as well as Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation, to me arguably his best work, although Wexler went uncredited. Roger Ebert appreciatedContinue reading “Bound for Glory: Haskell Wexler”


Another paper published my FORECAST: GODZILLA story, which includes an amusing history of the “meme” from the weather reporter’s friend at JPL/NASA, Bill Patzert. Don’t usually repost my reporting, but I really like this story, and this paper used my headline.                         They didn’tContinue reading “FORECAST: GODZILLA (take two)”

Hillary as an action hero: take two

Apparently Clinton as a killer is “a thing” as they say in pop culture.                                   Turns out that the artist, Sarah Sole, has been “obsessed” with Hillary for years. She told the New York Times a year or twoContinue reading “Hillary as an action hero: take two”