Dear Sam Shepherd I miss you already

One of the most American of us all died yesterday. Sam Shepherd, I miss you today.                                       In tribute, let me quote a short piece from his countless marvelous writings. This one happens to be about hisContinue reading “Dear Sam Shepherd I miss you already”

How to remember: A poet’s theory

In Patti Smith's wonderful memoir, Just Kids, she is forever referring to the constellation of objects she and her dearest friend, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, found and gathered and treasured together. She writes of a day early in their relationship: One Indian summer day we dressed in our favorite things, me in my beatnik sandals andContinue reading “How to remember: A poet’s theory”

Most beautiful “to the reader” ever

Last time Patti Smith came through town, she was in her rock star mode, and put on an un-freaking-believable show at the Ventura Theater, chatting with fans in line, going on to play all her hits, her clarinet, a Blue Oyster Song, and just generally being a totally giving person and sweetheart. At one pointContinue reading “Most beautiful “to the reader” ever”

Hard Times and a Little Coffee

Here's an image from a brilliant young, um, graphic artist. (Cartoonist isn't quite the right word.) Lotta truth there, I can attest. But as Patti Smith, mulling over the suicide of a hedge fund manager points out, hard times may mean fear, but don't have to mean despair. How wonderful it is to be alive.Continue reading “Hard Times and a Little Coffee”

Patti Smith Reminds Us: A Parallel World

Patti Smith, one of the great rockers of the last thirty years, is on tour in Europe, and takes the time–via her coffeebreak blog–to remind us of something. Hearing the people chanting Gloria in Paris when I faltered. Hearing the people singing like a choir in Oslo to A perfect day. So beautiful and touchingContinue reading “Patti Smith Reminds Us: A Parallel World”