We Interrupt This Blog for Donald Hall

A couple of days ago, Donald Hall was named poet laureate of this great (if sometimes misguided) nation. A better choice could hardly be imagined: Hall has the deep literary roots and the skills to impress the academics (see his delightful "Mr. Eliot," about meeting, yes, T.S. Eliot)…but also the common touch, the ability toContinue reading “We Interrupt This Blog for Donald Hall”

The Clock of the Long Now

On a walk the other night I was listening through my futuristic little Shuffle iPod to John Lennon being interviewed by Jann Wenner back in l972, and couldn’t help but be struck by Lennon’s eagerness to see the future. I can’t remember exactly how he put it, but his faith was absolute, unbending, full. HowContinue reading “The Clock of the Long Now”