Section e of the Pacific Crest Trail: Worried Man

This past week I completed Section E of the Pacific Crest Trail, which goes for about 112 miles from Agua Dulce (north of Los Angeles) to an exit off Hwy 58 (north of Mojave). Man is it a tough section. Here's my fave picture. After hiking for approximately twelve miles with approximately 1-2 liters ofContinue reading “Section e of the Pacific Crest Trail: Worried Man”

Death Dust, or, why I’m on the PCT in winter

Dana Goodyear absolutely crushes the story of valley fever in last week's New Yorker. An excerpt: The regionality of cocci is only partly to blame for the pace of research. In the lab, cocci presents a serious hazard. Early on, laboratory infections were common; a grad student would open a petri dish and, whoosh, millions ofContinue reading “Death Dust, or, why I’m on the PCT in winter”