Cold this winter? Take another look at the Arctic Paradox

As another huge storm turns south towards the Midwest, some say that the cold winter can be explained by the Arctic Paradox, which links a natural phenomenon (the Arctic Oscillation) to a man-made phenomenon (diminishing ice in the Arctic), which combines to let polar winds escape southward. First question: Is ice in the Arctic really diminishing?  ThisContinue reading “Cold this winter? Take another look at the Arctic Paradox”

Arctic Oscillation 2010: discussion by NOAA forecaster

While working on an El Nino story to be published soon, I happen to talk Monday morning to Ed Olenic, who forecasts seasonal climate for NOAA's Climate Prediction Center. I know nothing about the Arctic Oscillation, but Mr. Olenic walked me through the basics of the  extraordinary extent of the phenomenon, which I may asContinue reading “Arctic Oscillation 2010: discussion by NOAA forecaster”