Megadrought in the Southwest: LA Times vs NYT

Let me point out how different the same study can look to different reporters in different arenas. Bettina Boxall, the Pulitzer Prize-winning LA Times reporter, looks at California in her big front-page story a week ago about long-term drought in California and SoCal, and finds little change in rainfall but substantial change in human behaviorContinue reading “Megadrought in the Southwest: LA Times vs NYT”

Snow disappearing from Southern California mountains

Don't expect to see pictures below much in the future. From the LA Times:  A UCLA study released Friday projects a significant decline in snowfall on the ranges that provide a dramatic backdrop to urban Southern California. By mid-century, the amount of snow draping the mountains could decrease 30% to 40%, researchers say. If greenhouseContinue reading “Snow disappearing from Southern California mountains”

The “hydraulic hearts” of Southern California

Another terrific CA water story from Bettina Boxall of the LATimes, this one on how soaring energy costs — up to 80% higher in the next decade — will force local water agencies to think about local water supplies.  To pump water up just this 500 feet, carrying water from the Colorado River, is onlyContinue reading “The “hydraulic hearts” of Southern California”

Deal to “fix” the delta collapsing: Dan Walters

In a front-page story last week in the Los Angeles Times, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Bettina Boxall used an oblique structure, gritty detail, and a plethora of conflicting quotes to give a sense of the trouble surrounding a plan to put a massive new straw from the State Water Project into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  Here'sContinue reading “Deal to “fix” the delta collapsing: Dan Walters”