The refrains of nature: Rachel Carson

If we think of Rachel Carson, we probably remember her for alerting us to the massacre of the birds by DDT in Silent Spring,  and overlook her earlier, more poetic works, such as her bestseller The Sea Around Us, which was excerpted in The New Yorker, won the National Book Award, and numerous other prizes.  YetContinue reading “The refrains of nature: Rachel Carson”

The truth about HPV and cancer: Too complicated for a headline

One of NPR's top stories this week is this one:  Virus Passed During Oral Sex Tops Tobacco as Throat Cancer Cause Kudos to the news source for not dumbing down the story, a big temptation, which if taken will surely lead to misunderstanding, especially in a headline. (Oral sex leads to cancer!) Not. Here's theirContinue reading “The truth about HPV and cancer: Too complicated for a headline”