To wipe out coastal cities, burn the fossil fuels: Hansen

In his latest posting, James Hansen looks at ice sheet loss in Greenland and Antartcia, and warns of the possiblility of an exponential ice sheet loss rate. Posing the question, he asks: A crucial question is how rapidly the Greenland (or Antarctic) ice sheet can disintegrate in response to global warming. Earth's history makes itContinue reading “To wipe out coastal cities, burn the fossil fuels: Hansen”

The Amazon: Carbon Sink…or Source?

According to the leading researcher in the field, Oliver Phillips, it's kind of up to us: The world’s forests are an enormous carbon sink, meaning they absorb massive quantities of carbon dioxide, through the processes of photosynthesis and respiration. In normal years the Amazon alone absorbs three billion tons of carbon, more than twice theContinue reading “The Amazon: Carbon Sink…or Source?”

Meanwhile, Back on Earth…

What is happening with carbon emissions is genuinely scary (and here we’re talking about the known risks, not the unknown risks). Here are the conclusions of the just-released Global Carbon Project report for 2007: —Anthropogenic CO2 emissions are growing 4x faster since 2000 than during the previous decade, and above the worst-case emission scenario ofContinue reading “Meanwhile, Back on Earth…”