USA Today: Climate change deniers just like birthers

When the New York Times writes an opinion piece on climate change and the challenge it poses our political and economic system, as Andrew Revkin and other thinkers at that paper do on a routine basis, the world yawns. When the editorial board at the Washington Post declares that every candidate for political office shouldContinue reading “USA Today: Climate change deniers just like birthers”

A heated rant against deniers: Tom Toles

The great Tom Toles, the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist, said to be the 48th most-powerful man in D.C. by one survey, has a nifty new website, complete with rants. Last Friday the heat got under his collar, and he turned on climate change deniers, who love warm winters, and see warm temps at that timeContinue reading “A heated rant against deniers: Tom Toles”