Dreamed in the sunbeams: John Muir

From his unpublished journals written in his sheep-herding days, before Muir came to stay in Yosemite Valley: Dreamed in the sunbeams, when the sheep were calm, the plan of a hermitage: walls of pure white quartz, doors and windows edged with quartz crystals, windows of thin smooth sheets of water with ruffling apparatus to answerContinue reading “Dreamed in the sunbeams: John Muir”

John Lennon on your Dreams

A couple of months ago the interesting LA Times book blog Jacket Copy for some inexplicable (but wonderful) reason put up the late great rock critic Lester Bangs' thoughts on the death of John Lennon. Bangs was, of all critics, the truest of believers in rock and roll and, for that reason, the man mostContinue reading “John Lennon on your Dreams”

How You Feel When You Think of the Climate

As the ever-quotable Tom Friedman of the New York Times points out, Bush has left Obama with two ginormous deficits; one economic, the other related to climate. In an interview, Friedman said: We basically did nothing for eight years, and in fairness to Bush we didn't do much in the eight years previous, either, toContinue reading “How You Feel When You Think of the Climate”