What I Wanted (was winter)

That’s my interpretation of the basic meaning in a poem from Tracy Herd via Poetry Daily: What I Wanted was such a plump, bountiful landscape of snow, more than I’d ever dared wish for. That was back when we had proper winters, long ago, when lawns and driveways vanished: there were no boundaries. Fences, walls,Continue reading “What I Wanted (was winter)”

These dreams are full of portent: Werner Herzog reads Madeline

Werner Herzog movies will take you aback, and can make you gasp and even mutter to your significant other sitting next to you, equally astonished by what you have just seen, but the man himself in conversation is no less startling and perhaps even more memorable.  In conversation with Pico Iyer this past Wednesday at UC SantaContinue reading “These dreams are full of portent: Werner Herzog reads Madeline”

Don’t Waste Your Dreams — Recycle Them

Rebecca Solnit, one of today's great thinkers, wrote recently in her book A Field Guide to Getting Lost: It is in the nature of things to be lost and not otherwise. Think of how little has been salvaged from the compost of time of the hundreds of billions of dreams dreamt since the language toContinue reading “Don’t Waste Your Dreams — Recycle Them”