Visiting with Emily Dickinson in a D.C. Museum

From Claudia Emerson, a poem about visiting with Emily Dickinson in a Washington D.C. museum. First Emerson describes a talk given about the reclusive Dickinson, and why that might be, and then: On display: one of her beloved nephew Gilbert's boyhood suits, velveteen, and beside it the contents of his morning's pocket—a bullet's spent casing,Continue reading “Visiting with Emily Dickinson in a D.C. Museum”

Climate, by Emily Dickinson

#1295 I think that the Root of the Wind is Water —It would not sound so deepWere it a Firmamental Product–Airs no Ocean keep —Mediterranean intonations —To a Current's Ear —There is a maritime convictionIn the Atmosphere — She's utterly correct, of course. It's quite astounding how much the atmosphere can resemble the ocean inContinue reading “Climate, by Emily Dickinson”