WSJ Expert: We need an alternative to coal for AGW

Because the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) editorial page consistently has found reasons to scoff at the risks of anthropogenic global warming (AGW), it's notable when an expert vetted by the paper — Robert Rapier, an energy specialist – declares that global warming is a problem.  In order to address the carbon dioxide problem, we either have toContinue reading “WSJ Expert: We need an alternative to coal for AGW”

Spring hottest ever: Greenhouse gas emissions on the rise

Acerbic lede from Dino Grandoni in the Atlantic Wire:  In case, you know, you haven't been outside in the past three months, it's about to become official: unless a freak blizzard blankets the country by Thursday, the spring of 2012 will go down as the warmest for the U.S. in 117 years of record-keeping. Meanwhile CO2Continue reading “Spring hottest ever: Greenhouse gas emissions on the rise”

Killer Cows — No, Really

Must link to the latest in the Los Angeles Times excellent editorial series on global warming, which does what editorials are supposed to do but often don’t: Clarify, propose, and convince. The editorial this week was about cow emissions. Hilarious? No. Sensible? Yes. All told, livestock are responsible for 18% of greenhouse-gas emissions worldwide, accordingContinue reading “Killer Cows — No, Really”