How to save the California condor: Earth Island Institute

Back in the 1980's, the population of the California Condor plummeted to a mere 22 birds. Wildlife advocates and officials had to make a choice: allow the population to wink out, or capture all the birds and put them in a breeding program.  David Phillips, director of the Earth Island Institute, ruminates out loud aboutContinue reading “How to save the California condor: Earth Island Institute”

Wild Ones: Saving Endangered Species (w/soundtrack)

Ever heard of a soundtrack to a book? Me neither, but that's what we have here with blackprairie (including members of the Decembrists) and their lovely, moving collection of songs to a forthcoming book about efforts to save three endangered species, called Wild Ones. The author got to know Chris Funke and friends before theyContinue reading “Wild Ones: Saving Endangered Species (w/soundtrack)”

Heroic Steelhead Climbs Notoriously Difficult Fish Ladder, Survives

True story, written for the Ventura County Star yesterday by me…find it here. And here's a pic of the heroic fish. Almost asked the biologist, Steve Howard, who is holding the 28-inch fish, if they thought of giving him a name…but that would be too cute. Gotta be a hardened journo.