“a permanent loss of normal”: CA climate today

A couple of years ago I worked hard on a story about a hugely important study from Daniel Swain et al on the all-too-likely re-occurence of the Great California Flood. For personal reasons nothing came of my story, but eventually the news did break in a big (Los Angeles Times) and accessible (Science Friday) sortContinue reading ““a permanent loss of normal”: CA climate today”

Why are Americans so extreme?

Heather Havrilesky wants to know what it is about extreme fitness that fascinates Americans: A blond woman in a hot pink spandex tank hoists a sledgehammer over her shoulders, then slams it down with a dull thud onto the big tire in front of her. Beside her, another woman swings her sledgehammer even higher, grimacingContinue reading “Why are Americans so extreme?”

Obama: Romney more extreme than George W. Bush

In last night's debate, a tightly-focused President Obama pointed out how severely conservative Mitt Romney has become in this campaign: [The] last point I want to make is this: You know, there are some things where Governor Romney’s different from George Bush. George Bush didn’t propose turning Medicare into a voucher. George Bush embraced comprehensive immigrationContinue reading “Obama: Romney more extreme than George W. Bush”

Understanding the extreme weather/climate change link

At Dot Earth, Andy Revkin takes another whack at the link between recent extreme weather events and climate change. He begins as I did a couple of posts back, with the debate between Rahmstorf/Coumou at RealClimate and Marty Hoerling at NOAA. He doesn't put the March heat wave into the mix, but does add usefulContinue reading “Understanding the extreme weather/climate change link”