NASA drops another climate satellite in the ocean

Two years ago I observed the launch of a NASA satellite, called the Orbiting Carbon Observatory, intended to help scientists understand the wide variation in uptake of carbon from the atmosphere by the earth. I wrote about it for the Santa Barbara Independent. At an impromptu press conference held after the OCO crashed into the SouthernContinue reading “NASA drops another climate satellite in the ocean”

Cancun talks do not end in failure

Newspaper headlines by their nature are expected to state what happened, not what did not happen, because what did not happen is not, after all, news.  Unlike the headline above.  But the truth of the modest deal that emerged between 190 nations negotiating at Cancun, under the auspices of the United Nations, is that theContinue reading “Cancun talks do not end in failure”

Trying to Figure Out the Shape of the World

I'm not a big fan of talks on the Internet, but I have to admit, I liked this one from Mythbusters, whatever that is…by Adam Savage, a delightful art director, on how much he learned from his colossal failures.  No transcript, unfortunately, but he concludes with a lovely line, in which he talks about kidsContinue reading “Trying to Figure Out the Shape of the World”