The feminism of The Hunger Games: Katha Pollitt

It's cultural news when an esteemed writer/critic/poet goes head over hells for the latest in pop culture. Expresses his or her love for a work's artistry, even if a million other people love it too, even if it's making a gazillion dollars. To a believer in democracy, this ardency speaks for itself. Philosophers such as PlatoContinue reading “The feminism of The Hunger Games: Katha Pollitt”

Feminism Messes with Blanche DuBois

On Double X, Slate's relentlessly smart site for women's issues, Margaret Wheeler Johnson alleges that feminism has screwed with Blanche DuBois.  Forget about the irony of the alleged perpetrator for a second, and think of the victim. Is there a greater crime possible against a character in American theater? The greatest of all American tragediesContinue reading “Feminism Messes with Blanche DuBois”