Tony Parker, starring in the “Flop of the Night”

Since the great Vlade Divac left the NBA for charity work a decade ago, the prize for best flopper in the Association has been up for grabs. But last night, the ever-clever Tony Parker made a move to take Vlade's crown, transforming a slightly extended elbow brush-by into a flailing backpedaling collapse that took himContinue reading “Tony Parker, starring in the “Flop of the Night””

A Short but Unfair Review of “The 11th Hour”

If there is one thing the imminent end of the world should not be, it’s boring. I’m sorry, but as much as I admire producer Leonardo DiCaprio for his acting and his long-standing commitment to environmental causes, this is a godawful piece of film. "The 11th Hour" knows a lot about science and the earth,Continue reading “A Short but Unfair Review of “The 11th Hour””