How to dramatize climate change: Eric Holthaus

When I met Eric Holthaus at the American Meteorological Society's convention about six months ago, he was a journalist reporting on weather for New York City to the Wall Street Journal. At the time he was a little frustrated, I think it's fair to say, because he wasn't able to talk about big picture issuesContinue reading “How to dramatize climate change: Eric Holthaus”

Flying today: the dominance of the upper class

Wondering why you don't like flying as much as you used to? If you're a member of the middle class, Harold Meyerson — a left-leaning columnist for the Washington Post — has an answer for you.  Airline seating may be the best concrete expression of what’s happened to the economy in recent decades. Airlines areContinue reading “Flying today: the dominance of the upper class”

Are frequent fliers to blame for extreme weather delays?

The dull factual scientific answer to Alissa Walker's provocative question is: Probably not.  Or: Not yet.  After all, even climatologists who spend a great deal of time discussing global warming in the media, such as Gavin Schmidt of Real Climate, are not ready to attribute the cold couple of weeks we had recently to rippleContinue reading “Are frequent fliers to blame for extreme weather delays?”

Against flying: Joel Achenbach

Another edition in my wildly popular series. Not really! It's just that Wa-Po columnist Joel Achenbach is so funny, when he rants against a rantable subject, he must be linked. Here goes: Air Schlep To save the company a couple hundred bucks I eschewed the slightly expensive Southwest flight to Houston and instead bought aContinue reading “Against flying: Joel Achenbach”