Leading Republican Calls Most Americans “Wimps”

This is really a ThinkProgress item, but for some reason they haven’t run it, so as ol’ B. Dylan would say, I guess it’s up to me. Yesterday John Boehner of Ohio, the House Minority (Republican) leader, accused Senators of both parties opposed to escalating the war of being "wimps," according to The Hill. SinceContinue reading “Leading Republican Calls Most Americans “Wimps””

Environmentalism: What We Really Think

In New York magazine, Kurt Andersen has an excellent look at the state of environmentalism, based on a Gallup Poll that came out this week. The poll, in all frankness, doesn’t seem to have gotten much below the surface. It does indicate that a vast majority of Americans (89%) recycle, and a substantial majority haveContinue reading “Environmentalism: What We Really Think”